Stop picking on campers

We all know that gamers love a bit of pettiness. It’s not so much trash-talk but just a garbage space. One of the weird hang ups gamers have decided to focus on are ‘campers’, people who play as tanks and wait in a defensive position to catch out the opposition. Campers are seen as an annoyance because they don’t charge in like a drunken hippo. It’s seen as such a bad way to play that people have been kicked from games, but it’s bullshit. Campers just play to their strengths, like any good player would.

Campers are good gamers because they know what their characters and tools can do. Teams need people who can make Kirrahe proud and ‘hold the line’ when all of the offensive fools inevitably get ploughed down by opposition tanks and snipers. Somebody has to be keeping the enemy at bay while everyone else is respawning. 

It might not be the most exciting way to play but team work is about balance. It’s about everyone supporting each other to be the best that they can be. You need healers and attackers. Offensive and defensive. All sports rely on striking a careful balance to be creative and effective and that counts with MMOs. I’m sorry if the opposition camper keeps killing you but find another route, try another tactic. That’s the point of the game. It’s not wave after wave of shooting. It’s about trying new things and seeing what works. There are few things more satisfying than when a tank is in an entrenched position, pinning your team down but you find a way to break through and get everybody moving forward. That is a true gaming victory, no matter which team wins out in the end.

The constant negativity in gaming only hurts fans. Everyone should be able to play the games they love in a which we they enjoy and feel comfortable with. The people who are going to get salty about it don’t appreciate the beauty of games, and probably don’t understand tactics and strategy as well as they think they do. Let tanks set camp. Somebody should be giving you cover. As BioWare keeps saying, we are strong alone, but we’re stronger together. 

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