Has Anthem Killed Mass Effect?

The answer is no. No. Not remotely close. If you still are saying this then stop because it is completely untrue. The constant waves of melodramatic outrage and lies are exactly what’s ruining gaming. 

So what is going on with BioWare? BioWare have confirmed (multiple times) that the beloved space series Mass Effect is not dead. It’s being thought about, it’s being planned for, it might even have people dedicated to starting on it. It’s very much alive and kicking. There have been multiple statements confirming that we will eventually get new Mass Effect content. It has been confirmed categorically that the series is not dead. The only reason why we aren’t getting more news is because Dragon Age is understandably in the queue ahead of it. We’re not going to be hearing much for a while. 

When the last Mass Effect game was released, there was an expectation that we’d at least get one DLC. The game left a lot open and audiences thought there would be a continuation of the story in the near-future, and not potentially five years (or more) down the line. BioWare however, switched their focus to Anthem. There had already been work on Anthem as it’s been years in the making but the new title demanded more focus and attention, while Mass Effect wound down. 

This does not mean that Anthem killed an Andromeda DLC either. The fan reaction to Mass Effect Andromeda was a disgrace. It became the subject of a hate campaign that started on YouTube. The hate also revealed just what a weak state games journalism is in as critics refused to do their duty to critically engage with Andromeda. It never got a fair shake. The hate was so great that developers were sent threats and abuse over facial animations. Given the resounding rejection of Andromeda, what incentive did BioWare have to carry on with the game? The audience loudly said to abandon it, and that’s what they did. They switched to a game people might want and in the meantime, the negativity had a chance to fade so that people might once again be able to get excited over Mass Effect and look forward to the next instalment. 

The lies about the state of Mass Effect matter because the beloved title is being put in competition with the newer game. The debate is being framed that ‘neither can live while the other survives’ which is a work of (poor) fiction. Both titles can thrive and that’s exactly what BioWare has planned for. The lies and baseless rumours ultimately harm BioWare and fans of either game, but it also further highlights the toxicity in gaming. People shouldn’t just be able to freely lie or contradict source material. Yet, BioWare is having to deal with relentless unfounded allegations designed to put down a game that hasn’t even launched yet (yeah, early access doesn’t count as a launch by the way so be very careful with reviews which claim it has). It’s pathetic, childish, entitled behaviour that isn’t representative of fans of Mass Effect. It’s representative of trolls.

Anthem hasn’t killed Mass Effect but the fans have certainly tried to. If you’re impatient for the next game then BioWare isn’t to blame. Take a look at the trolls. 

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