The new science fiction anthology everyone should check out

There’s a free online scifi anthology everyone should be checking out right now. It’s available to download in multiple formats too so whether you’re on your mobile, ipad or at your laptop, you can take this anthology with you.

Islamicates Volume 1 is a new science fiction anthology full of wonderful short stories that have some basis in Islam or are inspired from Muslim cultures. Muslim cultures and traditions are often heavily overlooked in science fiction, which is a glaring omission from the genre given just how much Muslims have contributed towards science, maths and literature.

The stories vary in length, the shortest of which is just five minutes to some which may take ten minutes to read. They’re great for a commute, if you’re in a waiting room or if you just want to indulge in some pretty cool and different short stories to what usually is dominating the market.

The anthology is available here.

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